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Best Fissure Treatment in Ayurveda

A fissure in anal is largely considered a surgical disorder according to modern day medical science. Ayurvedic medicines for fissure are aimed at intensifying the healing process of the fissures. In Ayurveda, medicines for fissure are actually natural herbs. They ease healing, improve blood circulation to the anal, reduce pain, prevent infection from spreading, abate constipation and treat all the symptoms related to an anal fissure in entirety. In Ayurveda therapy the chances of recurrence are nil. The main reason for recurrence of fissures is a tendency to constipation. During Ayurvedic treatment, the causes of a fissure in ano for a particular patient is evaluated such as sedentary lifestyle, bad diets, mental stress, weak digestive system muscles and so on. The Ayurvedic herbs prescribed encompass these factors and help to relieve constipation tendency itself.

Fissure treatment in Ayurveda without surgery is based on individual study and deep analysis of the case. Ayurveda has proved to be highly effective in curing maximum cases of a fissure in ano patients. You will get fast results which are long lasting. The duration of treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on the severity of the fissures. Most patients show significant improvement in about 4 to 7 weeks of treatment while some may need a longer course of medication. We provide best fissure treatment in Ayurveda at Sadhana Ayuryoga Clinic.